Porphyry cubes are paving elements of almost cubic shape, obtained by mechanical splitting and whose edges are variable. The head of the cube has a natural quarry surface, so it is not excessively rough and allows comfortable walking. Laying in contrasting arcs requires different sizes of cubes.

They are classified in different sizes/sizes to allow optimal use according to the intended purpose:

  • 4/6: pedestrian
  • 6/8: pedestrian, light vehicular
  • 8/10: light and heavy vehicles with limited traffic
  • 10/12: light and heavy vehicles
  • 12/14: heavy vehicles and elements of furniture and/or delimitation
  • 14/18: heavy vehicles and elements of furniture and/or delimitation
The cubes are divided into the following sizes:

 CUBE 4/6Variable from 4 to 7Variable from 4 to 6ca. 100
CUBE 6/8Variable from 6 to 9Variable from 5,5 to 8ca. 130-135
CUBE 8/10Variable from 8 to 12Variable from 7,5 to 11ca. 180-190
CUBE 10/12Variable from 10 to 14Variable from 10 to 13ca. 235-250
CUBETTO 12/14Variable from 12 to 16Variable from12 to 15ca. 250-300
CUBE 14/18Variable from 14 to 20Variable from 14 to 20ca. 300-350

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